Gynecology Q&A

Why should I do a gynecology exam?

To have the cervix tested for precancerous or cancerous conditions and to test for human papillomavirus (HPV). To evaluate bladder, vaginal, erectile and uterus prolapse. Screening for sexually transmitted diseases should be done for women with symptoms or at high risk. (i.e unprotected intercourse, multiple sexual partners)

What can I expect from a gynecology exam?

A device called a speculum will be placed inside the vagina to visualize the cervix and walls of the vagina. Swabs for sexually transmitted infections and scrapings of cervical tissue (pap smear) will be done. A manual exam will be done by Dr. Anucha to evaluate the uterus and ovaries.

What should I expect for my first Pap smear?

Minor discomfort or cramping, possible spotting afterward.

Does a pap smear hurt?

Not generally.

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