Ovarian Cysts Q&A

What are Ovarian Cysts?

They are fluid-filled masses that appear within or on the surface of ovaries. In some cases, they can be harmless however when they rupture these could lead to more serious conditions. Dr. Anucha has the experience to help you with this condition. 

How painful is it to have a cyst removed?

It only needs to be removed if it is enlarged, causing pain or if there is a suspicion of malignancy.

What size of Ovarian Cyst requires surgery?

In general, cysts over 8-10 centimeters are at risk for torsion which is a twisting of the blood supply to the ovary which can cause severe pain and death of the ovary. Hemorrhagic Cysts or cysts that are spilling blood into the pelvis are also another reason for cyst removal.

What treatment options are there for an Ovarian Cyst?

They can be managed by observation, and serial ultrasounds to see if they are getting smaller, getting bigger or staying the same. Any complex or solid appearing cysts should be either removed or undergo close follow-up to assess their risk of malignancy. Cysts can be removed via major abdominal surgery or less invasive laparoscopy surgery. Dr. Anucha is available anytime to answer any questions you have for patients in Bakersfiled.

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